Stuffed Cabbage Soup

I know, I know... it sounds disgusting. But it's actually quite good as long as you like cabbage! I have never stuffed cabbage leaves, but I've heard of it... then I stumbled across this recipe for stuffed cabbage soup and you know how I like soup! So here it is:

With some of my soups, I start some ingredients cooking while I mess with the meat part. In this case, I'm going to start one cup of brown rice with a carton of chicken broth and oh, what the heck, a handful of lentils. That can simmer while I work on other things...


Next, I'm going to get my soup pot going (that's it in the background) and toss a little olive oil in there. Now... lets mince some onions. Have I mentioned how much I love the mandoline TOG got me for Christmas? Love, love, love. It gets the onions super thin and all I have to do is mince them up a little.


Now for the sausage:


I love this stuff. Lean... tasty... all good!


Just cut it open...


Remove the casing and throw it in the warmed olive oil. It's lean, so it will stick without the olive oil.


Throw half a handful of Corriander on top. Plus two bay leafs


Add a good shake of allspice! While that cooks, you can start cutting your cabbage. 


You must use Savoy cabbage because it's wavy! I cut in quarters, then insert the knife like so to remove the core. Then starting at the tip top, I cut it as thin as I can moving back toward where the core was. Check your sausage... add a little garlic if you're so moved.


Then I cut it in half because no one likes a 6 inch piece of cabbage in their soup! Keep checking the sausage and mincing it up with your spatula. I have always ended up using 3/4 of a cabbage. Once the sausage is done, throw your cabbage on top and put the lid on. I like to let the cabbage wilt a little while I mince some flat leaf parsely and a little tarragon.


Lift the lid, and throw that on the cabbage. Then open 1 can of tomato sauce (the small one) and 1 14oz can of tiny minced tomatoes (you can use two if you want a very tomato-y soup. They must be tiny for me. I hate big chunks.) pour both tomato products on the cabbage.


Now add your second carton of chicken broth.


Now add your rice and lentils that have been simmering away. bring to simmer and let combine for ten minutes or so. You don't want the cabbage boiled away, but you do want it tender. It should look like this....


Yum... I know you could put other stuff in it. I think I slipped some corn in it last time, or green beans. But I felt icky last night so I called it good! Enjoy!