Back to the Pub!

Last night, Girlfriend and I had dinner at the pub. TOG was working and I felt bad for going without him, so bought him a take home salad! But I did want to show you the monthly special for the sandwich... It's so good!

Turkey sandwich 

Looks pretty tame, huh? Actually it's their Thanksgiving turkey burger... but instead of a bun, it's served on sourdough/cornbread/sage stuffing! But that's not the best part. Have a look at this!

Turkey sandwich 2 

Greens! And under the greens? Cranberry Aioli! Hello! Drizzle a little gravy over the top, and you are good to go! It's like a stack of Thanksgiving Dinner! And yes, the sweet potato fries are fab dipped in the remains of the gravy! (I think they put crack in the gravy... I have to order an extra dose even though I know it's going to build a home on my hips)

And for Girlfriend:


Hawaii 5-O veggie burger on a spent grain bun with the herbed fries! (and yet she kept stealing my sweet potato fries!)

But the best news ever...? The pub is going to start serving Brunch next weekend! I know! I know! And, because we're regulars, we're invited to the trial run THIS weekend! Gossip at the bar indicates the chef has mastered home made donuts! AND spent grain pancakes with frosting! (frosting?) I'm hearing the biscuits and gravy is to die for also. I'll be reporting back on what's what!

Now for the Pay it forward drawing... The cows have spoken!


Well, Bessie has, anyway. Fred still won't put the screw driver down! The names Bessie drew:

TracyD, Annie and Scargosun! Ladies, my brain is in over drive, and I think I may have figured something out! Send your address to diane at asthmagirl dot com. As soon as I firm up my plan, your gift will be on it's way! Once you receive it, it will be your turn to pay it forward!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Asthmagirl out!