Holiday preparations


If you asked TOG, my beloved husband of almost 28 years, he could catalog my full array of faults in less than two minutes, lovingly yet definitively! On that list of faults, right about in the middle would be "drives herself crazy during the holiday season trying to make everything friggin' perfect"! Folks, I can feel the "crazy" building up inside of me even as I type this. It's like a low grade hum in my spine! Even now, the cats are giving me wide berth and I've noticed the overhead lights flickering as I walk through the house. This perfection thing is powerful stuff!

If on the other hand, you asked my beloved to list my attributes, after pausing for a few days to consider his options, he would grudgingly admit that I make a kick ass Thanksgiving dinner.

Thank you dear! I've worked really hard at getting things just right! So much so, that I've already pulled up my computerized shopping list that I save and add to every year. I've already started fussing about the turkey (TOG is getting one from his work, but it will probably be too small and what will I do with a too small turkey? Should I covertly buy one and save the "given one" for Christmas?) I've already noticed that someone used my sacred turkey brining bucket for something during the year, so that will have to be sterilized. I've already started sneaking looks at my herbs to worry about whether I have enough, or will I have to buy more to supplement the stock at hand.

I do not know quite where this "crazy" came from... but the Thanksgiving version started when I got asthma... (The Christmas version has been around much longer than that!). Once I could no longer go to my in-laws for dinner (BIG smokers... lots of smoking), I determined that I might as well make a great dinner here... then "great dinner" veered off to "best dinner ever" which leaped off the cliff of insanity with the motto "a better dinner each year or death"!

This holiday stuff is grueling. How do you handle Thanksgiving dinner?

Asthmagirl wants to know!

PS~ I'm still having issues with Blogger's comment feature. Very frustrating~

PPS~ The turnovers were amazing!