Planning ahead

I confess, I like food. Yes, surprizing but true. However, during the work week, I'm not always interested in spending large amounts of time making it. I want it quick and yummy!


(lazy chicken soft tacos from the food blog)

Sometimes I'm willing to put a lot more effort into preparing food and I plan in advance. This morning, I got up early and revved up* my sourdough starter.

Starter mixed 

*Added enough flour and milk to create a batch of sourdough to bake with.

Tonight I'm making sourdough turnovers!


I can't help myself.

What will you go out of your way to cook?

PS~ If you're not hearing from me today, it's because Blogger is not accepting my comments sometimes. It tells me my id is incorrect. Hmmm... it was correct a few moments ago when I visited a different blog.