Oom Pa Pa

Fred and Bessie aren't talking to me. Maddie says they're really mad this time. I tried to talk to them about it while I got their tea ready this morning... but all I got was this:


You see, TOG and I went back to the pub Saturday for...

October Fest!

I didn't want to take Fred and Bessie, because I worried they'd turn into Mavericks and get trampled when they rushed the stage to dance with the Oompa band! Was there an Oompa band? You betcha!


Were they good? Darn right! Of course, so was the food!


I had the infamous Bavarian Chicken Pie! Yum... they use their light ale in the filling and it's just perfect! I almost had the brats and mash but it sounded like a lot of food.


Meanwhile, TOG enjoyed the Bavarian Melt which I understand was filled with sauerkraut and served with their brewers mustard.

In the meantime... I snapped a couple pictures of the festivities... Annie didn't want her picture taken close up so I got this one from a little further away. She really did look adorable!


Micheal was having a great time taking shots of the staff clowning by the kitchen. Apparently he's the resident Bavarian Monk...


Who also helps out in the dining room as needed!


I think I might have enjoyed the Oompa band more than most. I could not look away....


All in all, a fun evening. And I guess I'm willing to put up with the price of keeping Fred and Bessie safe...

No talk 

I hope they get done punishing me soon.

Asthmagirl out!