Kow Pub-bin

Last night Girlfriend and I took Fred and Bessie to the pub. I had Maddie give them a good talkin' to first.

Pre pub 

Maddie said Bessie totally understood that they had to remain sober and behave! No tipping over other patron's beers or yelling at Khava and Annie for service!

Mmm cider 

Once there it became immediately clear that both Fred and Bessie had a profound appreication for cider! I allowed them to share my pint and they were overwhelmed with the goodness of Canadian cider. I don't think they'll ever drink domestic again!


Fred and Bessie were also very interested in the specials! Fred was leaning toward the Mussels, but Bessie wanted to stick with salad... We tried the chili, but it was quite hot... Fred ended up drinking quite a bit of cider to cool his mouth. In the end, I got them a Pulled pork Quesadilla which they pronounced...


...beautiful. Then they started asking for ice cream! (which would have been a bad idea... the pub ice cream is made with stout ale!)


Girlfriend got smoked trout salad with the blueberry/pumpkin ale vinigrette over organic greens. Bessie didn't think she could each a fish salad, so she went back to watching the game on TV.


Fred and Bessie came home and hit the ice cream and crawled in bed with Cassie.


Since none of us got thrown out of the pub or arrested, I count it as a successful outing!