Things I forgot

It's too early to say, but I'm hoping that I am back in control now, and that the lungs are taking a back seat finally. Hopefully the boat load of meds I'm taking is having the one major side effect of curing the respiratory infection and getting me back to breathing right. All those other side effects are just a happy (snark) coincidence!

While unloading my camera this morning, I found some shots that I forgot we had taken on Christmas Eve. Weird. Anyway, that's a big baking day for us.... the last of the cookies and prep work for Christmas breakfast. Cassie of course, needs to be close by so I did this, thinking that she would struggle and want out:


No, she settles in like that's going to just fine. Of course, I booted her after this shot. No point in setting up the expectation that she's good in the kitchen.... as much as I love the movie Ratatouille!

My daughter captured shots of the orange cranberry cinnamon rolls. They looked good, but I would make significant changes if I were to make these again.




Today is my last day of work prior to the end of the year. I'm excited to get some time off and relax and yes I do have plans. I'll be here through Saturday and then gone for a few days. I'm going very slowly on learning to edit photos and learning the camera, but I hope to have new and better photos in the next few weeks!

Stay tuned!